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Humano District is a major real estate project that came about through a collaboration between Services Immobiliers First, the project proponent, and its financial partners IPSO FACTO and Desjardins. Each partner contributed to making this unique, innovative residential project happen and saving an important piece of Sherbrooke heritage.

First started out as a partnership between two expert managers, Christian St-James and Matthieu Cardinal, and is now an undisputed leader in residential real estate. Headquartered in the Eastern Townships, the firm deftly manages and develops living environments for a broad and diverse clientele.

Having headed up a series of major projects including Les Verrières du Lac, Les Jardins Hauterive, Urbano, and recently the Humano Sherbrooke apartment complex, First is thrilled to present its latest big real estate project, the complete rehabilitation of Sherbrooke’s Maison Générale of the Petites Soeurs of the Sainte-Famille under the Humano District banner. In the last few years, more than $150 million in assets has been invested in the borough of Des Nations. With the completion of Humano District, over $200 million in real estate assets will have been injected into the economy.

First’s creativity and vision is reflected in projects that really bring home “quality of life.” First develops more than housing, creating environments where people live better and can achieve their potential. The meticulous way design and architecture are made to serve the aspirations of future residents has become First’s project signature. This developer is built on customer satisfaction, going the extra mile with great energy and undeniable creativity to exceed the most demanding expectations.

IPSO FACTO is a private Quebec-based group with a mission to invest in real estate development projects. The firm provides its expertise and financial resources to a top-tier client base consisting of real estate developers, managers, and contractors.

IPSO FACTO invests in a range of real estate development and conversion projects. Its portfolio is made up of equity shares in industrial, commercial, and office buildings, rental and condominium residential properties, senior housing, and land held for short-term development purposes.

IPSO FACTO has forged strong business ties with all kinds of real estate players including developers, financial institutions, and contractors. Its participative management style and track record of high-performance projects show that its progressive, discerning approach and flexible yet expeditious decision-making process make all the difference.

Its outstanding management team and investors, combined with an extensive network of contacts, give the group the rock-solid credibility and unbeatable private financing capacity that are key assets for its partners. If needed, IPSO FACTO will also consider syndicating an investment with private or institutional partners.

Since it was founded in 2000, IPSO FACTO has had a hand in developing more than $8.8 billion in real estate assets.

Desjardins is a cooperative financial group contributing to community development whose mission is to financially empower its members and clients.

Desjardins leverages the strength of cooperation to provide its members with a full range of financial services and support the economic and social development of their communities.

It provides that range of financial services, as well as insurance, through a number of subgroups and business units. Among them are Desjardins Business, Desjardins Bank, Desjardins Insurance, Desjardins Financial Security, and Desjardins Wealth Management. They allow Desjardins to meet the needs of its members and clients.

All this has made Desjardins Quebec’s predominant financial institution, supporting not just individuals in their daily financial needs, but also contractors in their business and construction projects.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

The rent includes five appliances, power (electricity, hot water), unlimited high-speed Internet, air conditioning or tempered air system, and access to all Humano District common areas including outdoor terraces, decks, and patios.

Yes. Fees for indoor parking and a private storage unit aren’t included. You can have more than one parking space if you need it. For full details, contact the leasing team.

Yes. However, there are weight restrictions for dogs and a limit on the number of pets per apartment. Tenants with pets must also comply with certain regulations in common areas inside the building and on the grounds. For full details, contact the leasing team.

Yes. Humano District has a number of parking spaces for electric cars.

Yes. We have bike spaces available at no additional cost. There is also a bike maintenance room in the basement.

Maison Générale apartment ceilings are about 12' high.

Le Galt ground-floor apartments have 10' ceilings; 2nd to 5th floor apartments have 8' 6'' ceilings, and 6th and 7th -floor apartments have 9' ceilings.

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